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What is a BUY-IN?

A buy in is when we order a large amount of a product for a wholesale price and split it within those who participated. This helps to get the best price on products for the lowest price possible. In exchange, there will be a longer wait time that can range anywhere from 2-8 weeks depending on the product.


I do not include shipping cost on the buy-in items.  This is to save you money as you can continue to order more until the buyin closes. This also helps as well if I have multiple items delivered at the same time I can combine shipments to save on cost and packaging  *****A shipping invoice will be sent to you upon me receiving and and packing your product. Please be sure to pay that promptly so I can get your items shipped to you quickly****  
  • Please do not combine items that are RTS with Items that are in a Buy-In this will delay your order.
  • You must make sure your address is correct upon submitting your payment.  Failure to do so can cause delays with your orders.  
    •  If your address is WRONG, and we have already created the label and SHIPPED, there is almost nothing we can do. If this happens, you will not receive a refund for the products. If the package gets sent back to us, you are responsible for shipping fees to get the product back.
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